The Source

Throughout history, Colombia was the prime source of the highest quality and the largest quantity of Emeralds. Colombia produces a broad range of Emerald qualities and it is the finest of these stones against which all others are judged. Since becoming the exclusive partner of the Muzo mines in 1968, Joseph Gad’s strong, long standing relationships with native mining families and distributors have equipped him with the means to bring directly from the mines the finest emeralds, rubies and sapphires to market. As a pioneer member of the Responsible Jewelry Council, we are committed to ethically sourcing all of our materials and pride ourselves in being able to trace each piece back to its origins.


The Rough

Originally emeralds were adorned in their rough, natural state. However over time, master cutters developed the ability to polish the surface of these gems, resulting in a variety of forms that correspond to the stones original shape.


The Cut & Polish

Transforming a piece of rough to a fine quality gem is a fine art and can only be done with the experience of a master cutter. Only the most experienced cutters are able to properly evaluate a piece of rough and truly know how to get the best possible outcome in regards to size, color and shape. Simple polishing techniques have evolved into a high level of artistry, creating new cuts in both brilliant and step cut faceting styles. With an in-house lapidary for over 20 years, we take pride in ensuring that all our rough is cut in order to maximize a stone’s beauty.

In addition to cutting and polishing rough stones, Joseph Gad works with clients to refurbish existing stones in order to enhance an existing gem’s appearance and increase their value.