Our History


Established in 1995, Joseph Gad Incorporated is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of Colombian emeralds.   From gem quality individual stones, fine layouts, and large or small parcels, the company stocks an extensive inventory to meet the specialized needs of a global clientele.

Our business is fueled by our commitment to provide clients with emeralds that suit their market.  Matched sets are of particular interest to many of our customers; hand-designed layouts are readily available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and cutting styles.  Rough material is also for sale - in lots or in single pieces.  If a call is received for a stone or a selection of stones, we can draw from open inventory or order material direct from the mines to fashion into finished pieces in our workshop. 

We maintain close relationships with Gubelin, GRS, SSEF, AGL, GIA, and other internationally recognized laboratories.  Detailed gemological reports confirming origin and treatment accompany most of our fine and gem-quality Colombian emeralds.  We can send any stone for certification at any time.  Emeralds are normally enhanced to improve their appearance; if a client has a stone in need of refurbishment, recutting, and/or repolishing we have the facilities to provide such services.  All such cases are reviewed to assure any modifications will not compromise the durability of the emerald before we proceed.

We are strong buyers of estate emeralds, precious stones, and jewelry.  If you have a fine emerald or vintage jewel for sale, we welcome the opportunity to offer on your item.  Please call for more information.

Joseph Gad is the second generation of a family business focused on Colombian emeralds.  His family's strong, long-standing relationships with native Colombian miners and distributors have equipped him with the means to bring a the finest emeralds to market - at competitive prices.  Colombian emeralds are amongst the more valuable and coveted gemstones in the market. 

Trust Joseph Gad Incorporated for the best of the best.



Emeralds and Jewelry from Joseph Gad Inc. has been certified by some of the world's leading Gemological Laboratories. 



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